Twitter soon will require you to pay $8 or be hidden

1 year ago by Anthony Lee.
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So this is disturbing but after a interview Elon said unless you are verified and pay for Twitter blue your tweets, comments will always be shown at the bottom (or not at all) and will be almost if not impossible be found via search. This is a bad turn that will just make Twitter one of the most useless social networks. I guess it means I need to get more done on @hey and make sure we can handle the users I am sure Elon Musk will drive away from Twitter. That or when it shuts down. You can view the moment at 34 minutes in the video.
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1 year ago.
Wanted to say, that Hey.Cafe will never have ML or curated feeds. You pick what you see, when you see it, and will always have full control and if we messed it up in any way (we wont) the always open free public API will make sure that anyone can build the feed they want to see.
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