What I do

I am a developer that makes cool stuff. I have been building large scale projects for about 10 years now. If you want to see what I have built just look down. There is many things not listed like a OS called TwirlOS, my first site a Pokémon fan site called PokeDome, a browser called Blaze, and more.


The oldest game I made that still is online and works (somewhat never finished). I made a lot of earlier games web based including a full Pokemon game animations and all but this one was made in a week and is still on the domain, it was made more as a experiment using circular shading for light levels and shadows.

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NodeHost is what I am known for and is my main company even today. NodeHost provides hosting and more all at low cost with free options for education.

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SimpleScript is a programming language I created to power the backend of NodeHost and other projects.

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