Recent anti developer Twitter changes and the future for Hey.Café

1 year ago by Anthony Lee.
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Twitter used to be the developer platform early on, but a few years ago they made API changes that most developers were not happy with. They attempted to pull back and turn into a developer source again but now that Elon has taken over this is all over. Not only did Twitter pull API access for many popular Twitter applications without warning, but for a week they refused to say why and the reason they gave was “long standing rules” and updated the rules AFTER this was messaged. That was the final straw for most developers. Now Twitter has made the choice to make all developers pay them to have any access to an API that allows Twitter to grow. So not only are they requiring developers to pay them crazy pricing but the developers they are fucking over are the same ones that made and continue to power any growth on Twitter. Twitter has shown they are anti developer and anyone who continues to use sign in with Twitter or any of the other Twitter API’s are showing they don’t care about the developer community. With this change I keep thinking back to how we are focused on our platform to make sure this is NOT how we operate. I am not sure how to make Hey.Café grow but I know the focus will always be on keeping the platform ad free, free for developers, and open and expansive. So with this what is the future going to be?
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Profile image for Yvan713Yvan713
1 year ago.
I'm with Hey.Café, this is such a problem to make you buying an funkin' API
Profile image for Anthony LeeAnthony Lee
1 year ago.
For the most part we are.
Profile image for ArstaArsta
1 year ago.
I highly suggest open sourcing.
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