Playdate, why I am excited!

Who has seen the playdate? Have you? I have and I am so excited for the console next year I will be getting one to make a game.

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The game I want to make first is GeoCreator, I made it as a windows game back in the day and then in a week years later made a experimental web version that worked kinda as far as rendering goes. I would love to take the idea of the game and make it real. The idea was more interactive elements, like putting a torch next to a tree and seeing the tree catch fire.

While this will be fully an experiment I plan on making mini games if able to, but I think geo creator a 2d side scrolling game around blocks and building would fit amazing on the Playdate and already have some ideas on controls. For one moving the character around using arrow keys when holding B and when you press A you move around the cursor element. When over a block you can move the crank one way to break and the other to select more than one block to break. When going forward it breaks the block slowly. when backwards it selects the blocks and then locks and you then crank forwards again to break them all with a longer delay. If you selected many blocks and change your mind press arrow keys to break the selection around the blocks so they don't break and you can try again. To place it has the same idea but instead you press A+B to open the selector for blocks. This will need a lot of experimentation and may change drastically.

Long story short I am excited for Playdate and cant wait to get my hands on the SDK and simulator to test around game mechanics on a unlimited sandbox world.